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1).Proper temperature requirement ie.(70-75 oF)
2).Proper Ventilation.
3).Appropriate floor space ie.0.25 sq.ft./ chick in Ist week to be increased to 0.50sq.ft. by 3rd week.
4). Clean and sanitized water supply
5). Quality feed supply.

(1)small ones (3 ft. long ) for 50 chicks
(2) big ones- (6 ft. long for 50 grown up birds)
small ones ( 2 Lit.cap.) for chicks-50 and big ones (5 Lit.cap.) for grown up bird-50
3).Chick guards.
4). Brooders :- Bulb filament brooder or gas brooder @ 1.25 watt./chick.
5). Bird cages, Net boxes, egg collection trays for larger bird.
6). Other: such as medicine measure cylinder Vaccinators vaccine box, vaccine dropper litter taker etc.

1).Water should be kept dust and dirt free right from the source of water.
2).Regular cleaning and disinfectoin of water tanks and pipe lines.
3).Daily cleaning of waterers.
4).Regular sanitation of water.
5).Treatment to reduce hardness and salinity of water.

1). Bleaching powder (Hypochlorites)
2). Quartanernary Ammonium compounds.
3). Potassium paramagnet.

Area in Sq.ft./bird.



Deep litter


2- 2 1/2

Cage system



Slotted floor



Environmental control



1). Free range system.

2). Semi Intensive system.

3).Intensive system

a). Cage system.

b). Deep Litter system :-

i).Floor brooding.

ii).Slotted floor.

iii).Environmental control house.